Which Review Sites Should Realtors Focus On?

Facebook is also on the list for a few reasons. First, the reviews from your Facebook Busines Page also appear in Google search results, and so do the orange stars. And second, everyone is on Facebook, so it’s much easier for them to give you a review there when you ask.

Google is on the list because it’s the largest search engine in the world and if it has instituted a review system, then we should probably pay attention to it. Furthermore, Google also scrapes the reviews from all of the review sites above, so you want to make sure to monitor your overall presence on the platform.

Yelp has rapidly become the “go to” in small business reviews (Yelp!). Actually, Yelp scores nearly 30% higher than it’s next leading competitor in terms of most frequently used review sites.


This one goes without saying because it’s the largest real estate portal in the world. It also has good rankings on Google and the orange stars will appear next to your business name as well for the world to see.
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Best Practices For Real Estate Agent Reviews

1. Respond to all of your reviews, especially the negative ones.
2. Never combat negative reviews online. Politely, ask the person to
    private message you so that you can provide a solution.
3. Testimonials on your website are not as effective, they need to be
     on all of the major review portals.
4. Once you have an outstanding online reputation, this is powerful
    social proof - Send links to your online profiles to potential clients
    before meeting with them to establish yourself as a market
5. Always include keywords in your reviews like “local Realtor” and
    “Tampa Real Estate Agent” so you come up on more search
6. Instead of asking for a review, ask your clients to “share their
    experience” - It has a more positive connotation.
7. Ask for the review throughout the entire process, not just after the
8. Ask for a review at the final walk through and secure a verbal
9. People are usually very busy right after closing time, so follow up
     with them about a month later if the review still hasn’t appeared.
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